Water Damage Carpet

Water damage carpet is a very commonly searched item on the internet. This term is researched and googled over 6,600 times annually on Google. And the reason being, people want to know if they can the save their wet carpet…….  Can it be saved?

The answer is yes, most water damaged carpet can be saved, as long as it is dried quickly.  When we arrive at a water damage loss, our Water Damage Technicians will quickly began to extract the water out of the carpet. They extract as much water out of the carpet as they can and then inspect the wet carpet looking for dfurniture carpet Stain,furniture stainamage.

They look for the carpet's age, style, color, stains, pre-existing conditions and remaining useful life.  The Technician will also disengage stretch–in carpet and inspect the backing for type of construction and installation method. Is the carpet woven or tufted, woven carpets can shrink up to 10%. They will look for stains, matting, urine stains, and exposed seams.  Sometimes a piece of furniture sitting on a carpet can permanently damage a carpet because the stain from the furniture will transfer to the carpet and this type of stain usually cannot be removed.

A common problem with water damaged carpet is, if not dried quickly there will be delamination and mildew damage.  The Technician will inspect the carpet backing and look to see if the carpet backing latex adhesive looks sound, or are there are signs of mold and any areas of delamination?Carpet Delamination

(Delamination is when there is the separation of the secondary backing from the primary backing of the carpet. If the carpet and the secondary backing are not attached strongly enough, they can separate, causing an installed carpet to wrinkle or pucker).

Another reason that a water damage carpet can’t be saved is if the water damage was caused by sewerage contamination.  If any of these above issues are present, it’s best just to discard the carpeting.

In conclusion:  The key to avoiding carpet water damage is getting the carpet dried quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to call in a professional water damage firm. They will have all of the tools, equipment and expertise to dry that carpet swiftly and expertly thus, saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.