Water Damaged Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered flooring is getting more pervasive in new homes and amongst remodelers today. The reason being, it’s easy to install, and prefinished. Therefore sanding is not needed and has the natural characteristics of a solid wood. Engineered wood Water Damaged Engineered Floorsflooring is made up of a core series of hardwoods bonded together, and then a layer of hard wood is glued to the top surface. This type of manufacturing method makes the engineered wood flooring resistant to warping and splitting.

The question is what happens should a water loss occur in your home? What effect will it a have on your water damaged engineered wood floors? Typically this type of flooring is glued to the substrate; therefore water will take some time before it penetrates. So if the water is removed quickly there is a good chance you can save this type of flooring. If minor cupping does occur, the floor may be restorable. However because of the way it’s made, the flooring can only be sanded one or two times due to the thin surface layer of hardwood. But if the water damaged engineered flooring is buckled, delaminated or discolored it is not salvageable and should be removed and replaced. Once removed the sub floor should be dried to industry standards before a new floor is re-installed.

Water damaged wood floor lift from substrate