Water Damage Carpet

Yesterday I received a call from a Newton, Ma resident who said she had a water damaged carpet in her basement.  Apparently her water heater leaked in her basement, causing part of the carpet to get wet. She called to ask whether or not she should let the carpet “dry itself”, or have Puritan Flood Technicians come to her home to dry it.Water damaged carpet

Carpeting when left wet, can lead to the Carpet De-laminating.  What this means is that the adhesive holding the secondary backing to the primary backing, separates. (See the photo on the right).   The reason this happens is because today, most carpet manufacturer’s uses synthetic latex to bind the primary backing to the secondary backing.  When this glue like substance gets wet, it gets weaker, thus the carpet loses strength and can get damaged.

In this case, I told her that it would probably be best to have our technicians stop by to look at her water damaged carpet. If the technicians thought there might be the potential for some carpet damage, it should be take care of by a professional.